I can


PRESENTATION: What can you do?

Fun cartoon: What can you do?

Rhyme 1 I can run

Rhyme 2 I can’t sleepgram62_1

SONG: I can swim rap

SONG: What can you do?

SONG: Can you swim?

Game 1 Assemble the sentences

Game 2 Can these animals…?

Game 4 Select a short anwer

Game 5 Order the words to make questions

Game 6 Order the words to make questions

Game 7 Write affirmative, negative sentnces or questions

Story 1 No, you can’t

Story 2 Animals can..

Story 3 What animals can do (Kizclub)

Story 4 Can you play football?

Story 5 At the zoo

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  1. Hello, I'm David Voirol. I am an english teacher and congratulations for your blog. I think that is very important if we talk about kids, we have to teach them with games, worksheets, cartoons and videos. This way we practice listening, speaking and writing.