Prepositions of place





Where is Sam?


What’s under my hat?

Listen to the rhyme

What’s under the hat?
Is it a dog? Or is it cat?
What’s in the box?
Is it a mouse? Or is it a fox?
What’s on the chair?
Is it a monkey? Or is it a bear?


Game 1 Tidy up the room. Read and drag the objects to the correct place

Game 2 Sentences: find the right preposition

Game 3 Where the cat? In, on ,under, behind, between, next to

Game 5 Read and choose the correct option

Game 6 Sentences: Order the words to make sentences

Game 7 (difficult) drag the prepositions into the sentences

Game 8 Where are the animals? In, on ,under, behind, between, next to, in front of


Story 1 Where are the christmas presents?

Story 2 Hero’s adventure

Story 3 Lost hamster (Incredible English)

Story 4 Tidy your room

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